Despite its earlier commitment to Windows Mobile, LG has revealed that it will storm onto the scene with 20 Android-based devices by the end of 2010 as part of an aggressive push into the smartphone market.

Analysts believe LG is lagging behind rivals (namely Apple and Samsung) and say it needs to focus on its smartphone business, which accounts for 45% of the company's annual sales. The Korean company's less-than-stellar smartphone portfolio could undoubtedly use a boost after the operating profit of its mobile business dropped to a paltry 0.9% in the first quarter from 6.7% last year.

We aren't entirely sure if all 20 devices will be smartphones or if tablets and other mobile communications electronics are also lumped into that figure. Having nearly two dozen Android smartphones seems excessive, especially since LG also plans to sell Windows Phone 7 products. The new handsets are expected arrive in the US through Verizon along with several unnamed operators in the Middle East.