Adobe has released the finalized version of Flash 10.1 following months of pre-release builds. The browser plug-in's first public beta was pushed out last November, bringing hardware H.264 video acceleration to Windows machines, and most of the changes since then have revolved around that in some fashion - whether bug fixes or extending GPU support.

Based on the latest release notes, supported graphics chips include AMD's Radeon HD line, Nvidia's GeForce and Ion products, Intel's integrated GPUs in 4-series and newer chipsets, and Broadcom's Crystal HD video decoders. GPU-accelerated Flash translates to less CPU load and ultimately lower power consumption, which is important on mobile hardware.

Windows users can grab the 2.45MB plug-in here (watch out for the optional "Free McAfee Security Scan Plus"). Flash 10.1 for Mac OS X (dubbed Gala) is still in development, but you can still download a release candidate.