A rumor broke earlier this month which suggested that Crytek might have been secretly creating an MMO. The hearsay was partly provoked by the fact that Crytek recently began securing many "Kingdoms"-related website domains as well as a trademark for "Kingdoms" covering video games. As it turns out, the company isn't hording domains and trademarks for no good reason - they're working on a new title.

During Microsoft's E3 keynote, the company revealed that Crytek is whipping up a new game that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. At this point, the title is being called Codename: Kingdoms and it appears to be set in some classical Roman/Greek period, featuring 300-style soldiers. According to folks onsite, the game is highly redolent of the PlayStation's popular God of War franchise, which is based on Greek mythology.

The folks on stage didn't mention what genre Codename: Kingdoms belongs to, but it seems unlikely to be an MMORPG if it's exclusive to the Xbox 360. No launch window was mentioned either, but it's said that no gameplay footage was shown, which suggests that the project isn't too far along yet, but we're excited nonetheless. After all, how bad can a Crytek-developed 300-like title be?