Samsung has introduced a new desktop hard disk drive to its Spinpoint F series, which boasts "superior performance and high-reliability" for high-end consumer machines and servers alike. The 320GB Spinpoint F4 uses a one-head platform design with reduces the number of moving parts, thus decreasing noise and boosting reliability.

According to Samsung, the F4 offers a 10% increase in read/write over the Spinpoint F1, while lowering power consumption by 7%. The 3.5-inch drive also has a 7200RPM rotation speed, uses SATA 3.0Gb/s, and has 8MB or 16MB of cache. The company is currently shipping the F4 to unnamed OEM partners for an undisclosed price.

Samsung today also launched a new external DVD burner called the SE-S084, as well as the SH-B123, a new Blu-ray drive. The SE084 measures less than one inch thick and is as much as 20% smaller than competing products, while the SH-B123 features a 12X read speed (up from 8X on previous Samsung models) and will be available starting next month.