Digital Storm has taken the covers off its new "affordable" Special Ops gaming PC series, which appears to be comprised of 10 uniquely named base systems ranging in price from $987 to $2,429. By default, the vast majority use Intel Core processors (some are P55-based while others use the X58 platform), but two are available with a quad or hexa-core AMD Phenom II CPU.

Five of the computers are listed with Nvidia GPUs, and five with ATI - but the advertised base systems are more along the lines of recommendations than individual machines with rigid hardware limitations. For instance, you can select the $1,397 "Maelstrom" PC (which is simply the name of the system's chassis) and customize the hardware to match the $2,429 Hailstorm desktop.

As for being more affordable, the Special Ops series is definitely easier on the wallet than the company's Black Ops line, which starts at well over $2,000. Despite the lower prices, Digital Storm says its Special Ops range has the same build quality as Black Ops PCs. To celebrate the launch of its new line, the company is offering a complimentary overclocking between 3.3GHz and 3.9GHz.