Why would anybody buy Microsoft Office these days (video)? The conventional wisdom is that Microsoft is jeopardizing one of its biggest cash cows, its traditional Office software, by releasing its free, browser-based Office Web Apps along with the Office 2010 suite in an attempt to fend off Google Docs and other online programs. TechFlash

AT&T randomly cancelling iPhone 4 pre-orders? The saga continues. A reader forwarded us this note he got from AT&T, simply stating that his iPhone 4 preorder had been cancelled, for no apparent reason. And he's not the only one. Updated: More cancellations, including some from Apple. Gizmodo

AMD image quality beats competition by up to 87% in HQV 2.0 The latest ATI Catalyst 10.6 drivers supposedly "strengthen the company's leadership position in image quality as measured by the HQV Benchmark, Version 2.0. AMD scored 48 percent better than the competition in discrete graphics and up to 87 percent better than the competition in integrated graphics." AMD

A newbie's take on E3 Freshly back from my first E3, I can now view my time there with rose-tinted glasses. There were entertaining press conferences, an uncountable number of playable demos, and legions of excited gamers who spent hours in long lines to get a first crack at new games and hardware. CNET

Infamous 'Red Ring of Death' replaced with 'Red Dot of Death' on new Xbox You'll never see the dreaded "Red Ring of Death" --- the flashing red rings that denote a system failure --- again if you buy the new, slimmed-down version of the Xbox 360. That said, there's always a chance you'll see a telltale "Red Dot of Death" instead. Yahoo News