In January, we published a comprehensive list of all the PC games we hoped to get our hands on as 2010 unfolded. Now halfway through the year, the landscape has changed dramatically. Many of the titles on our list have long been available and plenty were delayed until sometime in 2011. With the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching, you can rest assured that folks in the game industry are working hard to rollout a tantalizing lineup that'll blow you - and your savings - away.

Last week's E3 show gave us a fresh perspective on what to expect (and not to expect) for the remainder of the year, and we'd love to hear about any forthcoming video games on your wish list. Being deeply rooted in all things PC-related, we're admittedly a bit biased when it comes to gaming platforms. Our most anticipated titles for the latter half of 2010 include StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Crysis 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Mafia II, Bulletstorm, and Dead Space 2. What are yours?