For the 31% of you who said you'd purchase the Microsoft Kinect, opportunity has come knocking well ahead of the November release date. Walmart is taking preorders on a $199 bundle that includes the camera motion controller, one $60 launch game, and a $30 Walmart online gift card. The Kinect itself is expected to fetch about $150, so you're supposedly getting a launch game for around "half off" - or that's what they want you to think, anyway.

Most of the applicable titles carry a $60 price tag, but that's more than I'd expect to pay for what appear to be casual games: Kinect Dance Central, Joy Ride, Sports, Adventures, Kinectimals and Harry Potter: Deadly Hallows. To be fair, competing products such as Wii Sports are selling very well at around full price, but something is wrong with this picture: Kinectimals, an evolved version of Tamagotchi, is more expensive to preorder than Dragon Age II for PC. Am I missing something?