The week is coming to an end and with it so has another year for E3, where hundreds of exhibitors came to show off their newest games and gadgets. Inevitably a lot of the attention went to the three console giants – Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. While the latter took its ridiculously popular 'DS' handheld to a new era of glasses-free 3D gaming, both Microsoft and Sony sort of played catch-up by revealing their own take on motion-controlled gaming.

You could say Xbox's Kinect is the more innovative of the two as it ditches the controller altogether, requiring users to use full-body movements and gestures instead. This is Microsoft's way of luring the casual gamer, bringing a few interesting possibilities like getting some workout done using a fitness game or going all 'Minority Report' with the interface as you sift through your media library or crank up the new video chat application.

The PlayStation Move is more akin to Nintendo's Wii and as such it should offer a gaming experience that most users are already familiar with, but with better graphics and reportedly better precision as well. Love it or hate it, it looks like motion-controlled gaming is here to stay.

If you are more of the hardcore gamer type, you are probably not looking forward to waving your hands in front of the TV like a madman. But if you're in for some 'light' gaming to enjoy with the family or a group of friends, now there are options from all three console vendors. Our question for you today is: Do you plan on buying Microsoft's Kinect or Sony's Move? Perhaps you are already a happy Nintendo Wii owner? Or is this motion-gaming thing simply not for you?

Note: We've added a poll to break things down more easily and have something more tangible to look at by the end of our Weekend Open Forum. Of course, we love hearing your opinion, so don't hesitate to join in the conversation after casting your vote!