AMD gave some news to customers and investors in its recent earnings conference call: the first chips based on the Fusion architecture will ship next quarter, ahead of schedule. According to the company, these will be low-end chips aimed at netbooks, while a higher end Fusion chip for consumer laptops and desktops will debut sometime next year as Llano.

Confirming said plans the folks over at ATi Forum managed to snag a roadmap and some additional details about what might be the first Ontario-based products – a pair of chips code-named Zacate. The roadmap lists a single-core chip with a TDP of 18W and a dual-core chip with a 25W TDP. Both chips are said to feature DirectX 11 graphics and will be presented in a laptop-friendly BGA form factor.

AMD hasn't spoken publicly about Zacate yet, but if these are Ontario chips, their CPU cores should be based on the company's new Bobcat processor architecture. The only thing that seems a bit out of place is the power consumption figures. At 18W for a single-core, the new all-in-one chips consume significantly more power than Intel's top-end Atom chips, so these may actually compete in the ultrathin notebook market against its rival upcoming CULV offerings.