Looking for an inexpensive and readily-available Android tablet? Augen has you covered. The little-known manufacturer is getting ready to launch the GenTouch Android tablet and it's going to be sold exclusively at Kmart for a mere $149. Specs aren't half bad for the price, either – You'll get a 7-inch 800x480 TFT LCD screen, 800Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM, 2GB storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, SD/MMC slot (up to 16GB cards supported) and Android 2.1.

The retailer featured the GenTouch in a circular this past Sunday complete with a $20 launch discount. It will be compatible with the Android Market App Store, giving you access to thousands of games and other applications. And if that wasn't enough, the GenTouch reportedly comes with a free leather carrying case. Now, the bad news: Apparently, it is taking a bit longer than expected for Kmart to get enough products in store shelves, but if you go your local store and request a rain check using the device's SKU (811470015254) they'll honor the lower price when more units are available.

At this point we can't tell for sure what to expect in terms of quality and performance, but for the price, you certainly can't go wrong. Augen also recently released its Linux-based ebook reader, TheBook, for $89 and is reportedly readying a $99 netbook sporting a 400MHz processor and Android 1.6.