Continuing the gradual deployment of their 4G network, Clearwire and Sprint have announced the availability of WiMAX in parts of Delaware, California, Florida and Michigan. More than 240,000 residents of the Wilmington, Delaware region are now covered by the network, which spans 48 US metropolitan markets. Clearwire has also expanded to include over a million people in Stockton and Modesto, California, as well as 214,000 consumers in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and 886,000 folks living around Jacksonville, Florida.

Pricing starts at $30 for unlimited wireless broadband in your home, while mobile access costs at least $40 per month. The fastest and most expensive plans offer average download speeds of 3 to 6Mb/s with bursts of up to 10Mb/s. Upload is capped at 500Kb/s for the basic home plan, and all others provide up to 1Mb/s. To spur interest in the newly covered areas, Clearwire is waiving activation fees and offering a 50% discount for the first two months of service along with free overnight shipping on hardware. Head to for more details.