If you're among the few gamers embracing 3D entertainment, you should know that Digital Storm is offering Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround with its desktop machines. When purchasing a gaming rig, you now have the option to include an Nvidia 3D Vision kit with various 3D displays, including tri-monitor setups for 5760x1080 visuals.

As you'd expect, Digital Storm offers dozens of recommended configurations as starting points and you can swap components to get your ideal configuration. Most if not all systems appear to have access to the same 3D monitors: a 22-inch ViewSonic, the 23-inch Asus VG236H, and the 23.6-inch GD235HZ – but only the latter two are available in a set of three.

All of the mentioned displays appear to be reasonably priced for a boutique dealer. Three VG236Hs ship with the necessary glasses for $1,304, which is in tune with e-tailers' pricing. Naturally, the entire package is still pricier than building it yourself, but extras like lifetime tech support and factory overclocked parts will always come at a premium.