Some fresh stats on the mobile market are now available courtesy of researchers Canalys and Nielsen, whose figures show that Android devices have continued to outsell those from Apple. Google's mobile operating system grew 886% worldwide on-year, accounting for 34% of smartphone sales in the US during the second quarter of 2010, which compares to the iPhone's 21%.

That shouldn't come as a shock since NPD claimed Android was outselling the iPhone earlier this year (28% versus 21%), but it's worth noting that Canalys' numbers don't include the iPhone 4, so things could shift a bit in the coming months. Regardless, it's unlikely for Apple to regain the lead so soon.

Despite being out-shipped, Apple's smartphones remain the most desired. It's said that 89% of iPhone users plan to stick with the platform on their next purchase, which compares to 71% of Android owners and 42% of Blackberry customers. Meanwhile, some 21% of Android and 29% of Blackberry users want an iPhone, and a combined 8% of iPhone owners want to leave for Android or Blackberry.