Firefox 4 is coming together steadily with another beta build now available. Mozilla pushed out Firefox 4 Beta 3 earlier today, which the organization has deemed stable and cleared for standard use. We would mostly agree with that, having used the first and second beta versions extensively. Personally, I've only experienced a handful of bugs which seem to be Flash-related, and they're uncommon anyhow.

Beta 3 doesn't bring a whole lot of exciting changes, but the biggest addition seems to be support for multitouch on Windows 7. That will probably be more appreciated when tablets flood the market, but as of now there aren't too many Windows users with touch displays – at least not in the grand scheme of things. Mozilla has also tweaked the JavaScript engine and added support for 34 more languages.

Previous versions of the Firefox 4 beta should automatically update to beta 3, but you download a standalone installer here. At least two more betas are planned for the greatly overhauled browser, with the final build scheduled for November. Be sure to check out our compendium of Firefox 4 beta tweaks, and don't hesitate to share your own.