First things first, thank you everyone who has contacted us for the news writer positions we posted about last week. If you haven't heard back from us yet, don't worry, we are just starting to send out emails today. Response about the job openings has overcome our expectations with several high quality applicants on file, we feel honored to have you as our readers in the first place.

We had planned to publish our GeForce GTX 460 SLI performance review tonight, but unfortunately some last minute details prevented us from doing so. Expect that article Tuesday morning with more reviews to follow, including an in-depth look at Mafia II GPU/CPU performance in usual TechSpot fashion. From the demo we can tell the game has killer visuals. Release is set for tomorrow in North America and Friday in Europe.

While on the topic of games, last week we consolidated our weekend game deals feature. This is something we plan to do on a regular basis unless there's nothing interesting to highlight on a given week. We will try to include all possible deal sources and not just Steam, but please don't come back complaining if you still haven't played the last half dozen games you bought for less than $15 :).

Finally, and just because I like to close with a random note, guess who in TechSpot's staff is tying the knot in two weeks? Extra points to those who guess the person and the honeymoon destination...

And a little homage: