HP is one of the many companies getting ready to upgrade their netbook line with Intel's new dual-core Atom processor. Although no official announcement has been made, the folks over at NetbookNews.de have spotted a service manual for the Mini 5103 which shows the recently announced 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 as one of three processor options for the company's business class netbook offering.

Packaged in an magnesium and aluminum allow metal body, the HP Mini 5103 features a 10.1-inch screen, comes standard with a 7200RPM hard drive or an optional solid state drive, and offers extras such as a high resolution display or a capacitive touch screen, mobile broadband powered by Qualcomm's Gobi technology, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, and a Broadcom Crystal HD video decoder as an alternative to the integrated graphics core in Intel's NM10 chipset.

There's no word on when the Mini 5103 will debut but Cnet believes the refresh should arrive in September starting at $400. Likewise, the company's consumer oriented HP Mini 210 is also expected to get the new chip soon.