Clearwire has added a pay-as-you-go option for its 4G wireless broadband service. Aimed at "tech-savvy Gen Y customers" looking to avoid lengthy contracts, the Rover Stick and Rover Puck offer commitment-free access to the company's WiMAX network. Priced at $100, the "Stick" is a USB modem for one machine, and it's compatible with Windows as well as OS X. The "Puck" is a pricier $150, but provides wireless access for up to eight devices (be they computers, smartphones, a gaming console and so on).

Upon purchasing either device, you'll receive two days of service to test things out, after which it costs $5 a day, $20 per week, or $50 per month for unlimited bandwidth. It's worth noting that the devices can't connect to 3G, so you're out of luck if you wander outside of Clear's 4G coverage. The press release cites speeds of 3Mb/s to 6Mb/s on average, with bursts surpassing 10Mb/s.

If you know you'll need coverage for a while, SlashGear reports that you can buy a Rover and pay for 12 months of WiMAX upfront for $500 ($100 off) with the coupon code "Crazy."