Microsoft: Only IE 9 will offer full hardware acceleration With various browser makers touting their half-baked attempts to add some form of limited hardware acceleration to their products, Microsoft today fired back with a detailed explanation of why its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 will be the only browser to support full hardware acceleration. SuperSite for Windows

Windows Phone running Zune HD 2 confirmed in Microsoft job post? Even with all the Windows Phone news around, it seems it is still worth keeping an eye on Microsoft's job board. It appears the Entertainment and Devices Division is looking for a Hardware Engineer for "next generation of portable entertainment and communication devices." WMPoweruser

Patent Office admits the truth: Things are a disaster The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, under its new director, David Kappos, has finally begun to seriously address transparency of information with a new data visualization dashboard. The big lesson? As a number of people who watch the organization have thought, for years --- years --- the USPTO has blown smoke and lived in a world of denial and obfuscation. BNET

No, you don't own it: Court upholds EULAs, threatens digital resale The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit todayruled (PDF) on a long-standing case involving used software on eBay, and it came to an important decision: if a company says you don't have the right to resell a program, you don't have that right. Ars Technica

Dead Space 2 multiplayer video is to die for The rumors are true! Dead Space 2 has a multiplayer mode, and you can see what it looks like in theGTTV trailer after the break. Want to know more? Come back on Monday and you'll get a hands-on report. Joystiq

YouTube instant. The last two days... The last two days of my life have been amazing, insane, sleepless, and humbling! After the Google Instant announcement on Wednesday, I decided to build YouTube Instant, a site that lets you search across the vast YouTube video database in real-time. Feross