Microsoft Game Studios manager Kudo Tsunoda has been aggressively talking up Xbox 360 Kinect in the last few days, and while doing so he's expressed his opinion on the current state of PC gaming. According to him, Halo is responsible for "hardly anyone" playing first-person shooters on the PC nowadays.

"Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore," the Microsoft spokesperson told GameInformer (via Neowin). "It's all about the console."

Tsunoda believes that first-person shooters started on the PC, developers then tried to port them to the console, but they only really took off when they were built for the console from the ground-up. Shooters on the console started to be really fun when developers stopped porting them from the PC. His argument is that the same will happen with Kinect: when asked what he thought of Kinect's use in future games, he explained that taking a game made for a controller and porting it over to Kinect will never be as good an experience as taking the time to build a game for the Kinect from the ground up.

In context, his analogy makes sense. It wasn't necessary, however, to take a stab at shooters on the PC. Even if shooters are doing well on the console, there are still many shooters that are developed just for the PC that are great. In the same way, even when Kinect takes off, there will still be many games developed for the Xbox platform that will not be built for it, and they will still be great.

Microsoft is pushing hard to market the Kinect. The first-person shooter quote comes hot on the heels of Microsoft saying that it is targeting more than three million units sold in the first two months and the same representative predicting the motion-sensor gaming accessory will outsell the iPad. The device will launch on November 4 in the US and on November 10 in Europe.