Seagate has expanded its range of FreeAgent GoFlex portable hard drives, adding the industry's first 1.5TB external 2.5-inch HDD – a form factor that has been stuck at 1TB since Western Digital launched its 1TB Scorpio Blue last July. Offering some insight on just how large 1.5TB is, Seagate says its new drive can hold up to 60 HD movies or what amounts to years of music.

Along with being today's most capacious 2.5-incher, the new FreeAgent GoFlex model is among the handful currently available with the latest USB specification. The drive can utilize USB 3.0, but unfortunately, the press release only cites theoretical transfer rates and omits real world figures.

It comes formatted with NTFS, features backup and encryption software, measures 120 x 89 x 22mm (4.71 x 3.51 x 0.87in), weighs 280g (0.62lbs). You can currently purchase the 1.5TB FreeAgent GoFlex (only in black if that matters at all) through Seagate's online store for $229.99.