IGN has reportedly received an early rundown of the Nintendo 3DS hardware via anonymous sources familiar with the device. The site says that Nintendo's forthcoming 3D-enabled handheld will carry two 266MHz ARM11 processors – though the precise variation of ARM11 is unclear. The new portable console will also pack a 133MHz graphics core with 4MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage along with SD card support.

It's anybody's guess how accurate these specs are, but the ARM11 architecture is widely used by other mobile devices, including early iPhone and iPod Touch models, all Kindles, the Palm Pixi, as well as the Kin One and Zune HD, so its presence is plausible enough. Engadget notes that nothing conflicts with the leaked 3DS FCC shots. IGN has pinged Nintendo for an official comment, but we're guessing the company won't share too many details.