Roku has introduced three new models of its set-top streaming video player, designed to provide on-demand content with minimal setup. The first model, an update of their original video player line, is the $59 Roku HD. Streaming video at up to 720p, and with connections that allow compatibility with older sets, the 1x5 inch box gives access to Roku's streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, and Vimeo over Ethernet or wireless connections. While some of these services require an outside subscription there are no additional costs for using them with the box, and Roku states that its current library of around 85 channels is still expanding.

Two other versions, the XD and XDS, feature Wireless-N and 1080p over HDMI. These models are priced at $79 and $99 respectively, with the XDS also adding in a USB port for stored media and component video and optical audio outputs.

If you have an old TV that needs some souping up, or are still living without the luxury of a DVR, these devices might be a quick fix for grabbing some extra entertainment bang for your buck.