Advanced Micro Devices has been having a tough couple of quarters over the last few years. The company's financial performance isn't as solid as it once was and competitors are attacking it on all fronts. What will finally turn things around? Fusion. At least, that's what AMD is hoping for.

"As AMD heads into 2011, it really is starting to feel like some historic battles between irresistible forces and unmovable objects are coming to a head," says Gary Silcott, AMD's Senior Manager of Product PR. "The long, ninety-five yard drive to get to the goal line has reached that riveting moment when it is obvious that the offense is going to punch it in and score. For thousands of people inside the company, you can sense us rising from our seats to see what AMD Fusion is going to deliver, and we all know it is going to be unlike anything we've seen before."

Those are some brave words. AMD's next-generation Fusion processors were revealed more than four years ago. The company is planning to finally release its first CPU-GPU hybrid chips in the first half of 2011. "All the calls made in the last few years to stick to a unique plan of action in order to deliver the user experience consumers and customers want to get from a company like AMD, are about to pay off," Silcott concluded. We sure hope so. The market sure needs real competition from AMD again.