WordPress has added new SMS features that will be useful for all types of bloggers on the go. Unfortunately, the service is limited to the US only for now. The text messaging features are split into free and paid features available via the 77377 (PRESS) shortcode. As with most SMS features, your standard text message and data rates apply. If you're interested, check out the support Text Messaging page.

Free features include receiving notifications when users are added or removed, your blog theme changes, or privacy settings change. For $20 a year, WordPress is offering a few more advanced features. First, you can protect your blog by having it send a text message containing a passcode that you must enter (in addition to your password) when you want to log in to the administrative Dashboard. The more advanced notifications can tell you whenever a new post is published to your blog. You can also be notified of new comments and replying via text will let you both reply to the comment and moderate it. With the new comments, you can reply by text to approve or deny them and even respond to them. You can also shoot off a quick text message to post directly to your blog.