Last night, a Microsoft manager from the UK tweeted the following message: "Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers." The tweet has since been removed, but Microsoft has confirmed that a Mac compatible sync client is indeed coming this year, according to Engadget. The beta OS X application will allow you to sync "select content" from a Mac to a Windows Phone; Microsoft didn't disclose any further details.

On Windows, the Zune software syncs music, video, photos, and other content to Microsoft's Zune devices and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 handsets launching next month. The move is quite significant: it means Microsoft is finally acknowledging that Mac owners may actually want to get a Windows Phone. Microsoft has previously ignored Mac OS X entirely, forcing Mac users who purchased Zunes to run the software under emulation or under Boot Camp. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not revealed whether the new sync tool for Mac OS X will work with current or future Zunes.