NextComputing has unveiled a new rugged mobile PC designed to run high-end software in "deployed environments" such as military and homeland security operations. "These customers can now run mission-critical applications on a 'stand-alone,' transportable workstation/server platform, optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP)," the company said. NextComputing boasts further that, even with up to three built-in displays, the machine is smaller, lighter and less power hungry than a rackmount or tower system with the same performance.

The Vigor Evo Plus starts at 35lbs and features a mil-anodized, shock-mounted chassis that houses one or two Intel Xeon processors, up to 16GB of ECC RAM, 11TB of storage, and six full-size PCI Express and PCI-X slots. Units come standard with a single 17-inch HD monitor, but you can get a second or third "swing-out" display for panoramic views -- or no screen at all for that matter. Systems are currently available direct from NextComputing, but the company requires you to call (603-886-3874) or email ( for a quote.