AMD's HD 6800 series gets listed Thanks to early listings of HD 6850 we can see initial pricing and confirm the clocks that were already leaked a while back. The listing, which was noticed by the guys from, comes from Dutch based e-tailer and shows Sapphire's HD 6850 and HD 6870 cards. (HD 6850 at €189, HD 6870 at €255) Fudzilla

Radeon HD 6870 PCB and GPU pictured The fine folks at IT168 revealed the first pictures of the Radeon HD 6870 PCB with its cooler completely off, and in its production livery (black). Also let out is the first [clear] picture of the GPU itself. The PCB was first pictured in its nascent qualification sample form, with a development GPU cooler on. The final version of the PCB sticks to its qualification sample for the most part... TechPowerUp

Warren Spector calls gamers to action on Oct. 19 to 'protect' the video game industry Today is a day for fighting back, it seems. Renowned video game designer Warren Spector has issued a call to arms to gamers looking to protect the industry against the upcoming battle it will face at the U.S. Supreme Court. In a message relayed to us from the Video Game Voters Network--an advocacy group fighting for their First Amendment protection--Spector asked gamers "stand up" for gamers urge their friends and family to join the cause on October 19. Shacknews

Is this the new MacBook Air? We just received this shot of what is purportedly the inside of the new MacBook Air. Contrary to popular belief, the machine appears to be another 13.3-incher, with the primary modification being extra room for battery cells and apparently no room for a hard drive. Of course, this is only one SKU, so who knows what else Apple has in store. From what we can tell from the photo... Engadget

eBook sales triple in one year Most people would argue that the e-book market has nowhere to go but up, however analysts continue to be surprised by just how fast people are ditching ink for pixels. According to the Association of American Publishers e-book sales from January to August were a staggering $263 million, this compared to just $89.8 million during the same period last year. Maximum PC

Anonymous takes out UK Intellectual Property Office website As part of the ongoing slaughter of any institute or company that defends copyright, Anonymous has now taken down the website of the UK Intellectual Property Office. The website of the Government body has been unresponsive for nearly a day after the 'Operation Payback" attack started yesterday afternoon. TorrentFreak