Dell's marketing strategy is changing: Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware will be the only core brands the company will use going forward. The restructuring will thus see the death of the Adamo premium brand, according to Engadget. The company has been silently cutting down production volumes of the thin notebooks, and while the original Adamo and the Adamo XPS will be killed off, similar products will be coming to the XPS line early next year.

A branding simplification is definitely something Dell needs: the company currently seems to use names like Adamo, XPS, Studio, and whatever else it feels like, almost interchangeably. The change is part of a larger marketing campaign. Dell wants to move away from being a low cost brand and instead portray the company as one that provides choice: cheap options as well as premium products.

Dell will spend "hundreds and hundreds of millions" on an advertising campaign for its consumer business, to coincide with the launch of new products. "We're going to stop mentioning price as the single important aspect," Paul-Henri Ferrand, chief marketing officer for Dell's global consumer, small, and medium business division, told Reuters.