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John Carmack discusses Rage on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch This month we're privileged to share a special diary from the legendary John Carmack, technical director and co-founder of id Software. In addition to his current work on Rage --- coming to Xbox 360, Games for Windows, and PlayStation 3 on September 13, 2011 --- and id Tech 5 technology, John has been working on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch version of Rage that will introduce gamers to the game's story and world. Bethblog

Advance could change modern electronics Researchers at Oregon State University have solved a quest in fundamental material science that has eluded scientists since the 1960s and could form the basis of a new approach to electronics. The discovery, just reported online in the professional journal Advanced Materials, outlines the creation for the first time of a high-performance "metal-insulator-metal" diode. OSU

New York Judge rules 6-year-old can be sued A girl can be sued over accusations she ran over an elderly woman with her training bicycle when she was 4 years old, a New York Supreme Court justice has ruled. The ruling by King's County Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten stems from an incident in April 2009 when Juliet Breitman and Jacob Kohn, both aged four, struck an 87-year-old pedestrian, Claire Menagh, with their training bikes. Reuters

Google's AdMob, YouTube chiefs step down Google Inc. said Friday two executives---the head of its AdMob mobile-advertising business and the chief executive of its YouTube video site---are stepping down from their posts. The Internet giant said Omar Hamoui, AdMob's founder and a Google vice president, had decided to leave the company "for personal reasons." A Google spokesman declined to say who would succeed Mr. Hamoui. WSJ

Workers poisoned making touchscreen hardware A chemical called n-hexane has been poisoning the nervous systems of Chinese workers who assemble touchscreen devices for Apple and other companies, an investigative journalist from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. It's scary to think that people are being damaged to pursue high production rates. Slashdot

Intel inaugurates $1 billion chip plant in Vietnam, says biggest ever Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini and representatives of the Vietnamese government joined a grand opening ceremony held at the plant, which Intel says the largest and most advanced assembly and test facility in its global manufacturing network. Saigon GP Daily