Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both wanted current Apple CEO Steve Jobs as the company's first CEO, according to a new 48-minute documentary posted on Bloomberg's Game Changers. The report tells viewers that the pair interviewed 12 or 13 candidates, but none of them made the cut. The duo then made the trip to visit Steve Jobs (he was a personal hero of theirs). After the meeting, they asked investor John Doerr whether they could hire him. Jobs had other plans.

In 2001, Page and Brin ended up finding and picking Eric Schmidt as their CEO, who couldn't be more different than Jobs. Schmidt apparently attended Burning Man, a hippie art festival held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The duo liked this about Schmidt, according to the story.

This little tidbit of news comes soon after many criticisms of the current Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, leaving us wondering how the tech world would look like if Jobs was in his place. Although Apple and Google maintained a close working relationship by and large, the two companies are competing more viciously than ever in recent years, especially since Google introduced Android. Jobs reportedly felt betrayed by the announcement; Schmidt left Apple's board of directors in 2009.