Intel's next-gen Sandy Bridge processors are due out early next year and the company is going to make sure they don't go unnoticed. 20 percent of Intel's Q1 2011 desktop CPU shipments will be using the Sandy Bridge architecture, according to sources at motherboard makers cited by DigiTimes. Intel will debut its latest and greatest processors at CES 2011 in January 2011.

Asus and Gigabyte have already started promoting their corresponding motherboards and are expecting to ship 5.8 and 5 million units, respectively, in the same quarter. Motherboard makers are hoping the new compatible 6-series motherboards will contribute strong profits and shipments. Q1 2011 could be a very successful quarter, as motherboard shipments may break historical records like in March 2009, if the enterprise market's PC replacement trend continues and if component shortages issues are resolved.

Gigabyte is ready to launch its P67A-UD7 motherboards, featuring the company's latest power-saving and enhanced component technologies, while Asus is hoping to push out several motherboards under its ROG series, specifically designed for gamers. One Asus motherboard for Sandy Bridge was recently shown off with UEFI.