AMD has released the first significant Catalyst update since the recent debut of its Radeon HD 6800 series(besides 10.10c), but oddly enough, the new arrivals aren't listed as supported products. The release notes for Catalyst 10.11 shows compatibility for the Radeon HD 2400 through the HD 5900 series, but neither the 6850 nor 6870 are mentioned. We're waiting to hear back from AMD on whether those cards were purposefully excluded, but we assume it's just an oversight and both are covered by the latest driver suite.

Owners of previous generation products can expect usual performance enhancements and bug fixes. Folks running a Radeon HD 5800-series card should receive a 3% boost in Battleforge with anti-aliasing disabled, as well as up to 5% in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat benchmark. Meanwhile, AMD has resolved an issue that caused the mouse cursor to flicker in World of Warcraft, and another that caused the primary display to go blank when playing World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. You can read the full release notes here for a complete list of fixes and known issues, or just download your copy below:

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