Verizon Wireless today hinted via its Twitter account that it will showcase new Android devices with support for its 4G LTE network at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We've known for a while that the carrier intends to have some phones ready for its super fast network sometime next year, but it's unclear which devices the company will unveil at its January 6 press event - rumors point to Verizon-branded handsets from HTC or LG.

Of course, making a product announcement is very different from an actual release, so it's still unclear when any LTE-supporting handset will actually hit Verizon stores. If recent rumors are anything to go by, we could also see a Motorola tablet hitting the show floor next month. Google's Andy Rubin showed off a Honeycomb-based device at this month's All Things D conference and Motorola has been teasing a tablet announcement for the past few days. Unofficial reports claim it will support Verizon's just-launched LTE network and pack quite a bit of features under the hood.