Motorola has posted a new teaser video titled Tablet Evolution for its CES 2011 announcements. The video shows how far tablets have come over the last few millennia, and then makes sure to attack the two companies with the currently best selling tablets: Apple and Samsung.

The video says "It's like a giant iPhone, but ... it's like a giant iPhone." in reference to the iPad and then goes on to say "Android OS, but Android OS ... for a phone." in reference to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The video doesn't have any text for the last screen: all we see is a cloaked tablet and a bee buzzing around a new red Motorola logo.

The bee is of course a reference to Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb). Less than two weeks ago, Andy Rubin, Android's co-founder and now vice president of engineering at Google, showed off a Motorola tablet prototype at the D: Dive Into Mobile event. Rubin said the hardware featured a dual core 3D processor from Nvidia, while the new OS had video chat, a new release of Google Maps, an updated Gmail app, and a redesigned desktop that takes into account the extra screen space of tablets. The tablet itself featured no buttons, and the OS seemed to compensate for this with on-screen elements to launch search and apps.