Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced that DC Universe Online has reached gold master status and will be available at retail outlets worldwide for PC and PlayStation 3 on January 11, 2011. DC Universe Online, licensed by Warner Bros. on behalf of DC Entertainment, will be the first online game based in the DC Universe as well as the first MMO on the PS3.

DC Universe Online will cost $50 for PC and $60 for PS3 in North America. The game includes one 30-day game membership, with monthly subscriptions available thereafter for $15. SOE expects to update the game regularly with new episodes featuring DC Comics characters, new instances, and major in-game events. DC Universe Online allows players to create their own superheroes or villains and join forces with their favorite DC Comics characters to aid in saving or destroying the universe.

"Creating DC Universe Online has been a massive undertaking, and we’re excited to be that much closer to launch," Christopher Cao, Game Director of DCUO for Sony Online Entertainment, said in a statement. "We're grateful to our beta players for providing us invaluable feedback in these final stages that has enabled us to put the finishing touches on a fun and exciting experience when the game launches in January."