Super Talent has added a new member to its UltraDrive range of solid-state drives: the 2.5-inch UltraDrive MT. Equipped with a new Barefoot controller and Indilinx Martini firmware, the drive is said to deliver pretty impressive transfer rates at 255MB/s for read operations and 250MB/s for writing data. It also includes all the latest features to keep performing at optimal levels over time, including TRIM support for garbage collection, wear leveling and ECC.

The new controller and firmware are said to bring a substantial increase in performance over their predecessors when it comes to random write of smaller files, which has a noticeable on the drive's overall OS and application performance. The UltraDrive MT SSD has a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, is available with either SLC or MLC NAND flash chips, and will ship in 60GB to 240GB capacities. The pricing, however, remains unknown for now.