VIA is a household name when it comes to embedded systems but they rarely get the same level of attention outside this market as chip giants Intel and AMD. Nevertheless the company is ready to try its hand once again at chipping away some market share from the latter with their new Nano X2 CPU, designed for energy efficient desktops, all-in-ones and notebooks. Featuring two Isaiah cores, the chip is made using 40nm manufacturing technology and is pin-compatible with platforms supporting the original single-core Nano, as well as VIA C7, C7-M and VIA Eden processors.

It is also compatible with all VIA media system processors and digital media chipsets including the latest VIA VX900 and VIA VN1000. Among its features are a "power efficient" out-of-order x86 architecture (though there was no TDP rating mention), full support for 64-bit operating systems, support for SSE4 instructions, VT CPU virtualization technology and VIA's proprietary PadLock hardware security features.

The company says Nano X2 samples are currently available for OEMs and motherboard vendors, with systems featuring the chips expected to arrive in Q1 2011. They don't mention who is building those VIA-powered systems, though, and we're curious given the hundreds of design wins that Intel and AMD are claiming with their new platforms.