Mozilla has released a new Firefox 4 beta for Android and Maemo. You can get the new version from the Android Market to test on your Android device or go to to get it in on your Nokia Maemo device.

"This release is the fastest performing Firefox 4 Beta for mobile yet," a Mozilla spokesperson said in a statement. "You will notice faster start-up, page load times and responsiveness to panning and zooming. Our recent tests on JavaScript benchmarks show Firefox 4 Beta is faster than the stock Android browser; roughly three times faster on Kraken, about twice as fast on SunSpider and slightly faster on V8. Everything from start-up time and page load time to responsiveness and panning and zooming are snappy in this release. Other advancements in this release include increasing stability, reducing installation memory usage, improving readability with zooming, and fixing some keyboard issues."

Mozilla also noted that its Mobile Add-ons Gallery offers now more than 100 add-ons to customize the features, functionality, and look of Firefox for mobile. Developers can now create mobile add-ons for Firefox that can be installed without restarting their browser.

To give feedback, tap Give Feedback on the Firefox for mobile Start page. For more information on this new beta, check out the release notes for a full list of features, updates, and improvements included in this release.