Samsung has posted a promotional video for the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S. The video does not reveal the actual phone, but it does suggest that it will have a very slim profile.

What the video does clearly suggest, however, is that the Galaxy S2, as many are calling it, will be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in less than two weeks. Specifically, the teaser gives us a day to mark on our calendars: February 13, 2011.

Specifications for the S2 have leaked from various sources, and we've looked at them all. We've been able to confirm that all of them have at least one incorrect parameter, so we're waiting till next Sunday for the official details.

Samsung has had great success with the original Galaxy S series of phones. The company sold 10 million units in seven months. Even Google thought the device was quite solid and used it as the base for the design of the Nexus S.