Google saw a record 75,000 job applications worldwide last week. All those resumes set a new record for the company, beating the previous one from May 2007 by 15 percent, according to what Google spokesperson Aaron Zamost told Bloomberg.

The search giant plans on hiring more workers in 2011 than any other year in its history, exceeding its 2007 record. Google had 24,400 workers at the end of 2010, and announced last week that it would add more than 6,000 employees this year. Even if Google somehow hires exactly 6,000 people out of the 75,000 (ignoring the fact that the company will likely hire from inside the company or have head hunters find specific people), 92 percent of applicants have to be turned away.

Google is pushing hard into mobile with Android, encroaching on Apple's turf, and is also interested in social, which is not the best news for Facebook. The company is thus trying to compete for both end users and engineering talent with the two companies. Despite this, Google still insists that its biggest competitor is actually Bing.

A recent survey showed that Facebook was the best place to work in the US. Google is clearly getting more applications, as it's the significantly bigger company. Nevertheless, which technology company would you rather work for: Google or Facebook?