Facebook is the best US company to work for, according to a survey by the career website Glassdoor.com where users publish feedback on employers. The website asked its users to rate their workplaces on eight factors including work/life balance, recognition, boss competency, as well as compensation and benefits.

Glassdoor compiled the survey based on some 150,000 employee reviews submitted during 2010 on companies with more than 500 employees. Here is the top 10 list (last year, Southwest Airlines led the list while Facebook did not even make the top 50):

  • Facebook
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Bain & Company
  • General Mills
  • Edelman
  • Boston Consulting
  • SAS Institute
  • Slalom Consulting
  • Overstock.com
  • Susquehanna International Group

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was chosen as Time Magazine's Person of the Year earlier this week. The above video shows Time managing editor Rick Stengel interviewing Zuckerberg about how Facebook shaped the world in 2010, the changing definition of friendship, privacy, the future of news, WikiLeaks, as well as the plan to donate most of his wealth to charity.