As promised last month, Verizon launched preorders for the iPhone 4 on February 3. The carrier closed preorders in the first few hours, announcing that the iPhone 4 has surpassed the carrier's all-time record for sales of a single device. That's pretty impressive considering preorders began at 3AM and they were limited to existing Verizon subscribers, not new customers.

Verizon didn't share how many units it sold, but AppleInsider reports that Apple prepared two million handsets for the provider to split between preorders and its retail launch. The amount dedicated to preorders varies depending on who you ask – some say 100,000, others say a million. For what its worth, AT&T moved 600,000 iPhone 4 on its launch day last June.

Customers who managed to place an order before Verizon pulled the plug should receive their phone in a matter of days. Some tracking numbers suggest the device could be delivered as early as today or tomorrow if you're lucky. Verizon will offer the iPhone 4 to all customers on February 10 through its retail and online outlets, Apple stores, Best Buy, and select Walmart stores.