The Windows Phone 7 Game Boy Pocket emulator that we first saw last month has been christened Wario's Jewels. The emulator is still nowhere near completion, but it has received a few notable improvements, according to its French creator, Samuel Blanchard.

The new version now includes save states, which means you can quit the application without losing your game progress. The aspect ratio issue has been corrected, though this means that the games are no longer full screen. To deal with the wasted space, Blanchard has added a background image he found on an iPhone emulator, though he is welcoming anyone with a little artistic talent to send him their custom backgrounds. Last but not least, the emulator now reads custom XML files to show a description of the game ROMs and their corresponding cover art; Blanchard is currently writing a little application that will make it easier to generate these XML files.

As you can see by the black-and-white limitations of the game colors, Wario's Jewels is still a Game Boy Pocket emulator. Blanchard says that he may one day, however, turn the project into a Game Boy Color emulator.