There was a lot of commotion last weekend when a beta version of Crysis 2 leaked online more than a month ahead of the title's official NA release date of March 22. Although the early build is incomplete and unpolished, it's still fully playable and has undoubtedly been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of eager gamers.

EA's misfortune continues today as the publisher's anticipated shooter "Bulletstorm" has appeared on popular torrent sites. The Pirate Bay shows torrent files for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game, but only the former has been confirmed to work. It seems the PC version is still under wraps for now.

Note: Video is NSFW

Crytek and EA obviously weren't thrilled about Crysis 2's leak, saying that they were "deeply disappointed by the news." They encouraged fans to wait for the final retail launch and although Epic Games and EA haven't responded to Bulletstorm's unofficial release, you can bet they'll extend similar sentiments.

It remains unclear how Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm slipped out. Many suspect that an unfaithful employee is responsible, while others believe it's just a marketing stunt. Regardless, it's worth mentioning that EA isn't the only publisher with plumbing issues as the full version of Sony's Killzone 3 also surfaced last weekend.