Skype has launched Skype To Go, a service that lets users make voice calls over the Internet (VoIP) from any mobile or landline phone. In other words, you no longer need an Internet connection nor a 3G connection to make a Skype call. You don't even need to install anything, since a computer or smartphone isn't necessary.

How does it work? You provide the number you want to call and Skype provides you with a unique Skype To Go number with your area code. You can then call this number from your mobile or landline at Skype's rates; payment can be made either via Skype Credit or subscription.

Skype To Go numbers are free, and you can have up to nine of them. You can set up a separate number for each person you want to call, and save them directly to your phone's contact list. The call should just go straight through.

While this service is not free, we have to say it is still quite revolutionary. After all, Skype's calling rates are notably lower than most long distance services.