When it comes to new gadgets, Apple generally leaves its customers in the dark until the very last minute. Cupertino doesn't unveil a product until days or weeks before it's on store shelves, and even then some ill-informed shoppers just don't get the memo, leaving them to unknowingly purchase "obsolete" products on the eve of a refresh.

That's precisely what happened to many people who recently bought the original iPad, which was replaced this week by a sleeker, faster model. To ease the pain of investing in dated tech, Apple will offer cash back to anyone that purchased a first-generation iPad between February 16 and March 1, the day before Apple unveiled the iPad 2.

US customers will receive $100 while folks overseas will get £100 or €100 – and that's cold, hard cash, not store credit. To receive compensation, swing by an Apple Store location with your receipt or call the company's customer service (1-800-676-2775) if you purchased your iPad online. The iPad 2, will launch March 11 with a starting price of $499.