Asus is set to release a couple of new netbooks based on the well-received AMD Brazos platform, which enables better-than-Atom graphics and processing performance in the same affordable netbook package. Starting at just $380, the 12.1-inch ASUS Eee PC 1215B will come in two different configurations, with the base model featuring a 1GHz AMD C50 dual core processor, Radeon HD 6250 graphics, 1GB RAM and 250GB hard drive.

The other version will have a 1.6-GHz AMD E350 processor, Radeon HD 6315 graphics, 2 GB RAM (expandable to 4GB) and a 320GB hard drive for $450. Meanwhile, a more affordable Eee PC 1015B features a 10-inch display, a single core AMD C-30, Radeon HD 6250 graphics with support for 1080p HD video playback and will cost $290 at launch.

Both the 1215B and 1015B come equipped with a range of ports and connectivity options such as 802.11n Wi-Fi, HDMI output, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 3.0. The 10-inch model will be available in black, white, blue and red colors, while the 12-inch notebooks will come in black, silver, or red. All models will reportedly arrive in the U.S. this April.