With just one day left until the iPad 2 goes on sale Apple has lifted the embargo on reviews and they've come flooding in. As expected, this is an evolutionary upgrade to the original design, adding a dual-core processor and faster graphics, front and rear cameras, and a thinner and lighter form factor. That may not sound as remarkable on paper but reviewers were quick to note that Apple didn't really need to do a lot more to stay ahead of the tablet race -- at least for now -- as rivals will have a tough time to beat them on design, performance, experience and price.

Although the general reaction was positive and even enthusiastic, there was also some criticism about the display and cameras. There's nothing really wrong with the first one but many were hoping to see a resolution upgrade from the first-gen iPad's 1024 x 768. As for the cameras, while useful for video chatting, their quality was unimpressive when compared with something like the Xoom. The lack of Flash and 4G options were also mentioned in some reviews.

You can read more impressions over at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Laptop Magazine and Engadget. Additionally, Apple has posted several "guided tour" videos to its website, highlighting both old and new features of the iPad 2 in advance of the tablet's U.S. launch tomorrow. You can check those out here.