You wonder whether Microsoft will ever be out of the courts. The company is now facing a fresh round of anti-trust battles, this time aimed more specifically at Windows XP. Previous complaints brought against the company were aimed at earlier versions of Windows, such as in the case of the "active desktop" technology introduced with Windows 98.

"The computer giant is being challenged by a coalition of major software and electronics firms through the Washington based Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA)," writes the BBC, in this news article here.

Naturally, its a square off between Microsoft and old arch enemies such as Oracle and Sun. But there are a host of other technology companies that are part of the action as well, including telephone companies.

"EU investigators accuse Microsoft of abusing its dominance of the market for PC operating systems - its ubiquitous Windows software - to muscle its way into related markets for media and server software," notes this article here.

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